Activities nearby camping de Tournus

Tournus' public swimming pools

You will not find a swimming pool on site, however the Tournus public swimming pool is situated right next to our campsite. This swimming pool com^plex has been completely renovated in 2009 and has a large swimming pool, waterslides and a paddling pool for the smallest children. 

Local shops and restaurants

The Tournus city centre is only a few minutes walk from the campsite. You will find the famous Saint Philibert Abbey, all sorts of shops (supermarkets, bakers, banks, etc) and lots of restaurants, from simple brassieries to Michelin star rated restaurants

Hôtel-Dieu-Musée Greuze  

At only a few minutes walking from the campsite, you can visit the Hôtel-Dieu and Greuze Museum
The Hôtel-Dieu - Musée Greuze brings together the hospital collections : artistic, religious and medical, with the Greuze Museum collections of archaeology, sculpture, painting, graphic and contemporary arts.