Burgundy, the good life

In Burgundy, we like to say that Burgundy is a region blessed by the Gods. This is probably because of its rich soils making this region so appropriate for wine growing. This has most certainly earned Burgundy the reputation of being one of the most important regions of gastronomy and prestigious wines.

But even though wines are a very important part of our region, Burgundy has many other things to show for....

Burgundy landscapes

With over 31.000 km², Burgundy is France's largest region and therefore offers a multitude of landscapes. Just a little North-West from camping de Tournus, you will see the  rolling hills covered with vineyards of the Côte Chalonnaise. If you go a bit South, you will discover the high calcareous rocks of the Mâconnais vineyards. And if you go to the East, you find yourself surrounded by the famous "Poulet de Bresse" of the Bresse plain.

Burgundy's historic and religious heritage

A rather tumultuous history has placed Burgundy at the crossroads of many different european cultures. From this era, the region herited some of the most beautiful architectural works. The Hospices de Beaune is probably the best known example of this.
During the middle ages, Burgundy played a very important role in the religious life of Europe. Especially Cluny became Europe's religious centre for several centuries. As a result of this, Burgundy has a very rich heritage of romanesque art. Near to our campsite you will be able to see many examples of this heritage, like the roman churches of Laives and Chapaize. The abbey church of Tournus is considered to be one of the most beautiful roman churches of France. Let's not forget Cluny of course. Even though the abbey did not survive time passing by, the remains of the abbey still make us aware of its importance at the time...
The religious influences have not completely left Burgundy since. In Southern Burgundy you will not only find the ecumenical community of Taizé, you will even find a buddhist temple!

Gourmet Burgundy

Burgundy is obviously synonime for high quality wines. Around the campsite, you can discover the vineyards of the Maconnais (Mâcon Villages, Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint Véran), a little North the more prestigious vineyards of Pommard, Givry, Santenay or Meursault. Ideal and easy for exploring the vineyards would be following the "Route du Mâconnais / Beaujolais" or "Route des Grands Crus". You can taste all these great wines directly at the wine growers cellars.....

Walking and Cycling in Burgundy

Burgundy will also please the more active guests. The vineyards of the Mâconnais and particularly the Roche de Solutré are very suitable for nature walks. The Bresse area and the Côte Chalonnaise would be more suitable for cycling, as these parts of Burgundy are not too hilly. The Voie Verte (former rail road transformed into cycling path) offers more than 60 km secure and very pleasant cycling, from Chalon sur Saône to Mâcon.