Environmental consciousness at our campsite

Of course we also worry about our planet at campsite of Tournus. By putting into place a certain number of measures, we want to contribute in making our planet a better place. Here's what we do on our end to improve life on our planet:

Recycling and reducing waste:

We sort plastic, glass, packing and house waste on our campsite. You will find our central waste disposal point next to the entrance, just outside of the campsite. 
You can help by trying to reduce your dialy waste as much as possible, by for instance flattening the cardboard boxes before putting them in the container and by putting the right things in the right containers.

Reducing our consumption of electric power:

Everywhere it's possible on site, we aim to replace all traditional lightbulbs by either economic ones or LED lights. This will reduce the use of electric power and make the lights last longer. 
You can also help out here by turning off the lights after using the bath room / sanitary facilities, but also by making sure the door of your fridge is shut and using your electric heating in a responsible way.

Reducing our water consumption:

All our showers and watertaps inside our sanitary blocks are equipped with water reducers. Thus we all use less water reducing the waterconsumptuion up to 30 - 40 %, while still enjoying the same comfort in the showers or while washing your hands !
Help out here by accompanying your little children to the sanitary facilites, turn off the water tap when you brush your teeth, etc. Many little actions do make a difference.

Biological cleaning products:

Our sanitary facilities are cleaned exclusively with biological products, 100% recyclable. You can help us reducing the volume of products by leaving behind the sanitary facilties clean after you've used them.